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Welcome to Communication Revelations, LLC

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Well you've found it! Harris County's first private speech therapy clinic!

Welcome to Harris County's first private speech therapy clinic! I am so glad you are here! It was terrifyingly delightful decision that brought me here. I wanted to bring something that I felt was missing and has been missing from our county for a while. This is how I stumbled upon this journey and the name of the company.

“Communication through revelation is part of what makes Christianity unique. It takes you from a vague idea of “there is some kind of some thing up there,” to a personal God who communicates with us, revealing what he is like and how to have a relationship with him. Anything that could get in the way of that revelation would be disastrous to either knowing about god or knowing him personally.” ~ Jon Morrison

I was reading one night and this was the quote that got me here. I have been a speech therapist for what seems like a really long time. Almost twenty years now. Seems surreal. However, I felt like I was lacking, I was frustrated, missing something. I wanted an honest connection with my patients and families that I am not always afforded when working for the school systems or hospitals. That's not to say that they aren't wonderful places, I just wanted to be more transparent than I could. I didn't want to be held to state regulations or productivity requirements any longer. Seeing this quote made me realize I wanted that relationship, personal, revealing. I want to build relationships so that folks have a chance to gain communication and have the opportunity for revelations of their own. Like I did that night after reading it.

I hope that you will give our little practice the opportunity to do that for you, and to show you what tremendous resources we have here in Harris County and how we can help you, your children, and your family to grow.

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