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What is S2C (Spelling to Communicate)

I am so excited to be brining this amazing and innovative approach to the South side of Atlanta. Autism is my JAM! It's where I like to live 95% of my therapy and non therapy time! When I was led to Spelling to Communicate, my world was blown! I knew I had to get on board and be a part of something AMAZING!

Spelling to communicate (S2C) empowers non-speakers to overcome communication barriers, posed by traditional oral communication by pointing to letters on a board as an alternative means of communication. 

This innovative method promotes synchrony between cognitive 

and motor systems. (We've gotten it wrong for SO long!)

Through repeated practice, neural pathways become myelinated 

by teaching the motor skills necessary to point on a letter 

board positioned in front of them. 

Non-speakers improve motor planning and control, 

enabling them to communicate their thoughts, and ideas 

quickly and accurately.

Language is 100% cognitive! Language is a cognitive ability. It is a rule-based system of shared spoken manual or written symbols through which human beings represent thoughts, ideas and experiences.

Speech 100% motor! Speech is the physical production of sounds or phonemes that combine to form words, phrases, and sentences. Speech is one means used to communicate speech relies on motor skills to produce sequence and make sounds that represent meaning.

They are produced in two different areas of the brain. Just because the motor is effected does NOT mean language is effected.

Presumption of Competence - We believe all individuals can and want to learn and communicate, regardless of their perceived limitations. 

By presuming competence, typing and spelling embraces a non-speaker’s cognitive function and focuses on purposeful motor movements. 

Not being able to speak, does not affect your ability to understand and think! If you want to learn more, give me a call! You can also explore the website where it all began!


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